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Commercial Solutions

The workplace can be rough on door hardware with all the traffic coming in and going out of meeting rooms, offices, corridors, and bathrooms. After a while your handles might start to sag and look broken and unprofessional. Call NuKey Locksmith in Huntington Beach to get replacements today!


Other needs in the workplace may be that an employee has left under unfavorable terms, fired, or is suspected of going into areas not permitted by management. Having the right master key system can alleviate the stress of not knowing who has access to rooms with sensitive materials or equipment.


Choose a local locksmith to reduce your costs and give you confidence that regular service requests will be fulfilled in a timely and cost-effective manner. NuKey Locksmith is based in Huntington Beach and we offer the best rates in town! Call us today to get a quote: (657) 215-1522

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