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Choosing the Best Locksmith

I was at a job yesterday where my new client talked about how much they liked their previous locksmith. They said that their locksmith was really fast and had good pricing. As I was taking apart the locks in preparation to rekey, I realized why this locksmith was so fast; he was only doing half the job! This locksmith was taking shortcuts at the risk of his client’s security. I made sure my client was aware and then I took an extra half-hour adding back pieces that were missing from the locks and making sure that they functioned how they were manufactured to function with their intended level of security.

Some locksmiths are willing to take shortcuts because, who will know? Right? Who is going to take apart the lock and approve the locksmith’s work? This kind of thinking is dishonest and criminal. Locksmith’s are expected to honor a code of ethics because people put a lot of trust -and hard-earned money- into our profession and expertise.

At NuKey Residential Locksmith, we don’t gamble with your trust or security. We have a duty as locksmiths to leave your locks better and more secure than how we found them. Our duty is our promise.

Tap or dial our number to call today for any repairs or changes that you want to make to your locks. Take advantage of our $99 flat rate for Huntington Beach residents. We also promise very competitive pricing to our surrounding areas. Give us a try!

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