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Quick Tip on Buying New Locks

The two major door hardware brands, whether you go to Home Depot, Lowes, or even Ace Hardware, are Schlage and Kwikset. Each brand has its own line of expensive and nicer styles or the alternative cheap and basic product lines. While you have several tiers of quality and price, choices of color, and even discounted sets, the key difference (pun intended) between Schlage and Kwikset is in one small detail: the keyway.

The keyway is the profile shape of the key and, to match, the shape of the key hole. A Kwikset lock’s key hole is a series of right angles that form its unique keyway. A Schlage lock’s key hole has a diagonal angle that makes its own keyway. Since these keyways are so different, it’s easier to understand why some keys don’t fit in other locks.

Now you know why maybe your front door key doesn’t fit in your side garage door lock! And if you’re considering buying new locks, you can remember the difference between these two major brands. Ask someone at your preferred hardware store to help you buy the same keyway so that you can get all your locks keyed to one key! If you would like a professional to install your new locks, call NuKey and we will complete the installation and rekey everything to match one key, all at the right price.

For installations, rekeys, repairs and any other locksmith needs you have, call NuKey for the best prices in town. We look forward to helping you.

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