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NuKey VS The Other Guys

I had a client call NuKey Residential Locksmith to ask for a quote. After I explained our affordable $99 re-key flat rate, the client told me that our price is way more reasonable than any of the locksmiths that she had called and she wanted to know why. She continued her search for more quotes and called me again 15 minutes later to explain that the other locksmiths came up with some funny, made-up reasons to not use NuKey. She decided to save $100 and scheduled her re-key with us.

NuKey Residential Locksmith isn’t in business to fight over customers or to make up funny reasons to not use the other guys. Your reasons to use NuKey are simple: honest and lowest prices for the friendliest high-quality services. Remember, we are a mobile locksmith service that focuses on residential, office and small commercial lockouts, re-keys and repairs. We don’t carry around expensive equipment or take on heavy debt to stay in business. -And- most of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients. We believe this says a lot about our company!

Our outstanding business practice is simple so we can keep your decision to use NuKey simple. We look forward to your business.

Call today: (657) 215-1522

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