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What is a Rekey?

Re-key /ri’kē/ verb: Reconfigure the pins of a lock to work with a different key code.

This is NuKey Locksmith’s definition, less the balderdash. People are always asking, “why should I re-key when I can just buy new locks?” We love it when we get to answer this question!

When NuKey Locksmith re-keys your locks you are able to keep your existing locks by simply changing the operating key. Why does this benefit you? Three reasons:

1. Saves you money, time, and effort.

Simply contact us and set an appointment. We will do the rest of the work.

2. Increases the security of your locks.

We are able to ensure a secure pin combination is used for your key and locks.

3. Gives you the option to make all of your locks operate with a single key.

Your front door, side yard doors, garage man door, back door; all your doors may be keyed to one single key. That’s less keys in your purse or pocket! This option depends on the type of locks you have on each door.

Re-keying your locks is simple and provides you with a renewed feeling of security in your home. Contact NuKey Locksmith now by tapping/clicking on our number or dialing 657.215.1522. Thank you for your business!

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