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Where Are My Keys!

Lost Keys

You just walked out of your house and as you approached your car and reached into your pocket, you realized; “I forgot my keys!” You locked the door behind you and your windows are securely fastened shut because of the weather. You wish that you had followed your instinct to hide or give a friend a spare key. You need someone to bail you out this time. It’s time to call a locksmith.

Forgotten Keys

This are horrible images, I know. Don’t beat yourself up. Getting locked out or losing keys is very common and happens to the best of us. Life gets busy and we get caught up in heavy thoughts as we are leaving to go to work. Or, sometimes we are just out having a good time and when the day is over we realize, “I lost my keys.” It happens all the time. The comforting fact is that the house is locked and secure. The stinky fact is that you are inconveniently locked out. The first thing you look for is a locksmith that is close and a locksmith that is affordable.

NuKey Residential Locksmith is the lockout locksmith in Huntington Beach that will get you back into your home for a forgiving price:

  • $60 during normal business hours

  • $125 during late hours

If you mention this article, I will give you 10% off of your total bill. Tap the phone number on our page to call the best, most reliable, residential locksmith in Huntington Beach.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you lost your keys and cannot recover them, we recommend getting your locks changed. A rekey is a precaution that gives you peace of mind in the worse case scenario that someone dishonest recovers your keys and tries to use them to gain access to your property.

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